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SideCar Driver of the Week – Oliver

Oliver, a West Marin native, has spent his entire life living happily in the Bay Area. When he’s not occupying his time as a Firefighter, he loves exploring the wilderness, brewing beer at home, mountain biking and riding motorcycles.

Oliver’s enthusiasm for the outdoors is what he loves most about living in the Bay Area. Not only are there places around the Bay that he loves, such as Sonoma Valley and Point Reyes, but he is also close enough to go on road trips to outdoor meccas, such as Big Sur.

As a Firefighter, Oliver’s no stranger to helping others. And that’s what sparked his interested in SideCar. As a driver, he can help out others while being involved in the community. “I’m excited to be a part of this community and look forward to meeting my neighbors!”

SideCar Driver of the Week – Micah

A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Micah has been in the Bay Area for a year and a half and loves every minute of it. Currently living in Nob Hill with his dog, Micah is focusing his time on acting. You can catch him in the upcoming movie ‘Hemmingway and Gellhorn,’ starring Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen!

Micah’s favorite activities are attending neighborhood events and driving to “any place where I can have a 360-degree view.” Of living in the Bay Area: “I love the scenery and the accessibility, and that it has everything that anyone could ever ask for right at their front door. It’s not like this everywhere.” 

Micah found out about SideCar through his friend, who is also a community driver. He loves that he can explore the Bay Area while meeting new people. “I love that in my spare time, I can meet new, fun people and make a couple extra bucks by logging in and getting people to their destination.”

SideCar Driver of the Week – Raul

Raul was born and raised in San Francisco and has spent his entire life living in the Bay Area. He’s currently a full time student working on his BA in Business and runs Barbary Coast Catering, a beverage catering company that he and his friends started from scratch last year.

His favorite place to be in the Bay Area is The Mission District because “you can still eat for under 10 bucks.” To unwind and escape from stress, he likes to run and walk all the way around Lake Merced.

Raul was looking for something to do on the side to supplement his car costs while he ran his business and went to school. He is now a SideCar community driver and enjoys getting to know his passengers. “I like that everyone is super cool and chatty. I have met so many people with interesting jobs that they like very much.”

SideCar Driver of the Week – Aron

Originally hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Aron has been in the Bay Area since 2002. “It’s too awesome to leave,” he says of his new home. He’s had many occupations over the years, including organizing farm dinners and enterprise crowdsourcing, and is now looking for a new vocation in anything from tech startups to cheesemaking.

Aron recently began sailing and is always on the lookout for new crew members. But wherever he goes, food is his main passion. His favorite Bay Area locales are Sonoma County for its great cuisine and wine, San Francisco for its people and culture, and Point Reyes for the “small town nostalgia,” oysters and cheese. “It’s hard to pick a favorite.”

Aron found out about SideCar from a flyer, and enjoys the eco-friendly aspects of the app, as well as “filling the empty seats” in his car. He says of SideCar: “Great news for people who need to get somewhere, and it reduces my environmental guilt.”

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