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SideCar Launches With 10,000th Ride!

15 years ago I stood outside of Mission Rock and waited for a ride home.  Cars around me headed off in my direction, but I had to wait.  It dawned on me:  why can’t I grab a ride home with one of these people?

Well now, thanks to SideCar, I can.

Over the past four months we’ve been working hard to finally bring transportation into the 21st century.  To truly revolutionize the way we think about getting around by connecting drivers with riders in realtime.  It’s been exhilarating, challenging and incredibly rewarding.  SideCar works.  It is gaining incredible traction – more than we ever anticipated – and people just downright love it.  Both drivers and passengers alike.

The dream of bringing people together effortlessly for instant ridesharing has become a reality.  We’re learning it’s okay to share our cars.  We’re getting around more efficiently.  We’re getting to know each other better. Who would have thought that these mobile phones that we stare at all day to could start to really pull us together, to generate real community around something so fundamental as transportation?

This week we celebrate the 10,000th ride given in the SideCar community.  That’s quite a feat in less than 4 months.  The community is growing fast. We are ready to transform transportation.  Glad you’re along for the ride.  It’s going to be a great one.

-Sunil Paul, CEO

SideCar Driver of the Week – Frederick

Born and raised in San Francisco, Frederick has been here almost his entire life. A successful Concert & Jazz Pianist, Arranger, Musical Director, and Composer, Frederick has traveled the world with The Leaders and is currently a Staff Accompanist at Cal Berkeley and a faculty member of the Stanford Jazz Workshop. On top of that and many other career accomplishments, he is also the proud father of a “wonderfully vibrant, talented and glorious daughter,” who is soon entering college.

Frederick’s favorite Bay Area destination stems from childhood memories of leaving Treasure Island to head back home, gasping in awe of the panoramic Bay Bridge view. “That’s still my favorite vista, and when I’m not in town, my longing for getting back home is quelled by the remembrance of that view.”

With his busy schedule, SideCar is a great match for Frederick. “It’s a perfect side-activity in my life,” he says. “This service has huge and promising potential for revolutionizing how people are mobile in SF, as well as being great for improving our ‘greenness’.”

SideCar Driver of the Week – Melaku

Melaku came to the Bay Area from Ethiopia 20 years ago. He immediately loved the weather, city living and access to a better life. While he enjoyed living in San Francisco in his earlier days, his current home is San Ramon, which is now his favorite Bay Area locale.

Mel’s entire working career has been revolved around cars. He worked as a contractor for various transportation companies, as well as a mechanic for multiple types of vehicles. His love for cars is what initially drove him to SideCar.

Though he enjoys being a community driver because of his ability to travel around the Bay Area, the most important aspect for Mel is treating others with care. “It’s so important to make sure the passengers are happy. We make sure they are enjoying themselves. That’s why they love SideCar so much.”

SideCar Driver of the Week – Todd

Originally from Thailand, Todd has been all around the world. Six months ago, he decided to settle down in the Bay Area due to his adult children’s schooling and potential job opportunities. Todd now works as a Machine Operator for Hitachi.

Todd loves the Bay Area for its weather, culture and economy. His favorite area to visit is Santa Cruz, where he enjoys watching the ocean, beach volleyball and people. But no matter where he is, as long as Todd is driving, he’s enjoying himself.

When he first discovered SideCar, Todd loved the idea that he could earn extra money while helping others and participating in his favorite activity—driving. Of being a SideCar community driver: “I love that I can provide rides to the community and provide a service.”

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