The SideCar Guide to Outside Lands

In case you haven’t heard, this weekend is Outside Lands. Got your tickets and set your personal lineup? Awesome, us too!  Planning to take a SideCar to and from the festival?  Sweet!  Because of the music festival madness, we thought we could make your life a little easier by giving you a few tips & tricks for getting around with SideCar this weekend.


1. Be patient.  There will be many requests and we’ll do our best to pick you up ASAP!
2. Count the members in your crew.  Remember, 4 passengers max per SideCar.
3. Be courteous to your drivers.  They will have plenty of interesting passengers over the course of the weekend, so please be considerate.
4. If you like your driver, look for them on your next ride with the new “Choose a Driver” feature!


Set your drop off location 1-2 blocks outside of Golden Gate Park. Trust us, foot traffic and road blocks will make it difficult to drop you off at Will Call. Plus, this will allow your driver to pick up more festival goers.


Walk 1-2 blocks from Golden Gate Park in any direction and set your pickup location. It will make it easier for drivers to get to you, and you will be easier to identify.


  • Stay in your pickup location so your driver can find you.
  • Avoid late cancels just because you see a cab.  (SideCar drivers are nice people who really will pick you up.  If you must cancel, do it early.)
  • If you have multiple drop offs, be cool and re-book your ride between drop offs.  It’s easy and a huge courtesy for your driver.

Rock on, riders.

Not a SideCar member yet? Get the app today! There’s never been a better time to ride.

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