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SideCar Community Driver of the Week – Liz

A New Jersey native who has gradually moved west since birth, Liz left the East Coast after high school for a field hockey scholarship at Western Illinois University. Lured by the California dream, Liz continued her western move after college. She landed in The Golden State twenty-five years ago to pursue her career in sales and marketing, and has dabbled in multiple ventures since then. She has worked for PepsiCo, marketed law firms, and ran her own decorative imports company, among other things.

In her free time Liz enjoys mountain biking, golfing, keeping up with tech, and writing. Her love for writing parlayed into her first novel, Slanting Toward Serenity.

Though she’s only been a SideCar community driver for two weeks, she’s hooked.  She enjoys the autonomy, the passenger diversity and the conversations. She said her passengers range from the tech & startup type, to co-ed rec soccer players, to business professionals, and beyond.

One of her favorite stories is of a girl whom she helped with relationship advice. The young female was new to SF and was trying to ‘lock down’ a certain person. “As someone with a few more years and experience, I tried to offer some womanly advice.  It was very memorable,” said Liz.

What’s it Like to Drive with SideCar?

Oh, a little something like this…

Cool, huh?


SideCar Community Driver of the Week – Dev

Meet Dev . He’s a YouTube sensation, a Big Brother mentor, and the SideCar Community Driver of the Week. Well, he isn’t a sensation ON YouTube (yet), but he is a part of the YouTube team in San Bruno. Dev, on behalf of the SideCar Team, thank you for every second of amazing content on your website. If I had a dime for every cat I’ve seen on YouTube… Anyway, thanks.

In his spare time, Dev volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters, manages his fantasy football league, and cheers on his Washington sports teams. On Fall Saturdays, you’ll find this Fighting Irish alumnus sporting the gold & blue.

When Dev’s friend caught wind of his daily commute from San Francisco to San Bruno, she immediately recommended SideCar. Dev says, “Since I am making the commute every day anyway, why not turn on the app and see if someone needs a ride to or from the airport? Sometimes it times out perfectly. I help someone get home, and I get some extra dough.” When Dev is cruising around running errands, he turns on the app to see if anyone needs a ride along his route.

SideCar is Awesome on iOS 6

We are proud to announce that SideCar 1.48 is compatible with, and uses the full capabilities of, Apple’s iOS 6.  The transportation innovations in iOS 6 are a perfect fit with the SideCar app.  Here’s how:

  • When a user who has SideCar installed gets directions through iOS 6, they are automatically served up the option to use SideCar as a rideshare option to get from here to there.
  • If SideCar is not installed, iOS 6 gives them an option to download the app right from the mapping app.
  • Passbook integration:  when a rider has a driver on the way, the trip information is in the Passbook and is easily available at the touch of a button.

SideCar 1.48 will be available as soon as iOS 6 is released to the public for download.  While SideCar is only available in the Bay Area for now, it will be coming to the rest of the country – and the world – soon.

SideCar is committed to innovation, convenience and ease-of-use.  As such, we thrilled to be the first on-demand rideshare application to fully integrate with iOS 6 and Apple Maps.

SideCar Story 001: The Missing Envelope

I had one of the biggest scares of my life last night in the Mission District, San Francisco. Someone asked me to bring cash to my roommate for a piece of furniture he had bought from him. They gave me an envelope of cash (A LOT) to carry home. Of course, I was nervous about carrying that much cash, and decided that if I was going to get robbed of my purse (as a woman walking home alone), then I should actually carry it on my person in my pocket. I may have been over-thinking the circumstances, but I decided this was best nonetheless.

I walked 3 dark blocks, in heels, to board MUNI. After multiple stops on MUNI, I checked my pocket and THE MONEY WAS GONE!

I about had a heart attack. I jumped of the MUNI at the top of Dolores Park at 10:00 at night. —next MUNI going back in the direction I had come from was not coming for 20 minutes. In my head, the money was gone forever. I thought to myself “What have I done?” My worst nightmare just happened. I started to walk quickly to retrace my steps, and got nervous walking alone through the park that late at night. I did not know how I could possibly retrace my steps fast enough in heels to see if I had dropped it.

Then I thought to myself “SideCar!”–and sent for a ride. My ride, Simo Z., arrived in 2 minutes. Frantically, I explained what had happened (poor guy). My driver drove me back to the location and instead of just dropping me off at the top of my long walking route he said “I will drive you anywhere.” Every white glimpse of trash I saw, I jumped out of the car, he waited, and I ran through traffic. First sight of trash, I yelled “that’s it!!” —it wasn’t it… it was just a crushed Starbucks cup. I jumped back in Simo’s car and we kept driving–he would stop, I would jump out, and run back disappointed. He kept giving me hope, and sure enough I saw one more piece of something white at the end of the sidewalk before a crossing. Right there in the middle of the mission, in the middle of the sidewalk, was MY ENVELOPE!!!

In the end, the local average tab was $6… I donated a lot more than that!

I still can’t believe I found it. I have Simo Z. and SideCar to thank! What a miracle….

~ Erin G., Noe Valley Resident

Send your stories to us at!

SideCar Drivers of the Week – Candice and Daniel

What is the 2012 version of the American dream?  Is it working from your house overlooking Dolores Park, having a creative side-gig, driving for SideCar in the evenings, and travelling the world staying with different Airbnb hosts?  Sounds a little too good to be true, though the Bittencourts disagree.  Meet Candice and Daniel.

Daniel is a professional Portuguese voice man.  He is also an incredible videographer, but he says, “Eh, that’s just a hobby.”

Candice is a freelance journalist, a blogger, and an actress.

Their 22 year old daughter, Bruna, is on her way to following the family’s footsteps.  She is currently studying cinema at City College, acting in a local live performance group known as the Thrillpeddlers, and nannying for two families.

Candice says, “I don’t like routine or schedules.  I love acting and working from home, and with SideCar I feel like I’m free!”  Daniel laughs, “It feels like a video game!”  Their favorite SideCar story involves a nav app called Waze, Candice’s first week driving, and Daniel’s voice.  “Vire à esquerda na Pine Street,” says the Waze voice-over.  “Daniel?  Is that you?!”  Little did she know, her husband’s voice was directing her around San Francisco through her Waze app.

“We prefer sharing money with other people instead of giving it to a corporation,” says Daniel.  If the Bittencourts are hanging on the beach in Thailand or backpacking around Europe, you can bet that they are staying with an Airbnb host.  If earth were an Airbnb host, I’m sure the Bittencourts would have a stellar review.

Introducing SideCar Stories

Drivers and riders have shared A LOT of rides in the SideCar community.  Thousands upon thousands.  That’s a lot of human connections, a lot of personal interactions, and of course, more than a handful of great stories.  This new section of our blog is dedicated to showcasing those stories.  Whether it’s new friendships arising from a ride across town or someone in need getting a helping hand, SideCar Stories opens the hood on the real magic of SideCar…  a renewed sense of connection with our community as we move from place to place.

SideCar helps people get around better. What happens along the way, though, is produced by the awesome people in SideCar Community.  This space is a tribute to those happenings.

If you have any amazing, interesting or just plain fun SideCar Stories you’d like to share, send them to us at  We love hearing them and we’re always thrilled to share them with the world.

SideCar Driver of the Week – Dustin

A true SFist, our SideCar Driver of the Week was born and raised in the Richmond, where he lives to this day.  “I love my city,” says Dustin.  “SF will always be my home.”  Though he was born and raised by the ocean, his entrepreneurial spirit has always attracted him to the energy and commerce of downtown San Francisco.  “I’m a hustle kind of guy,” he says, and I couldn’t agree more.

When this mover & shaker isn’t driving around town, you will find him training for Muay Thai, travelling to East Asia for business development & product research, or bolstering his SideCar passenger base in the Twitterverse (@DustinTheDriver).  Did I mention he is only 19?  Bright lights are in this young entrepreneur’s future, rest assured.

“I like being a SideCar driver because it helps me see my city differently every day.  Every time I drive, I get to meet new people, explore different neighborhoods, and discover so many cool events.”

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