SideCar Drivers of the Week – Candice and Daniel

What is the 2012 version of the American dream?  Is it working from your house overlooking Dolores Park, having a creative side-gig, driving for SideCar in the evenings, and travelling the world staying with different Airbnb hosts?  Sounds a little too good to be true, though the Bittencourts disagree.  Meet Candice and Daniel.

Daniel is a professional Portuguese voice man.  He is also an incredible videographer, but he says, “Eh, that’s just a hobby.”

Candice is a freelance journalist, a blogger, and an actress.

Their 22 year old daughter, Bruna, is on her way to following the family’s footsteps.  She is currently studying cinema at City College, acting in a local live performance group known as the Thrillpeddlers, and nannying for two families.

Candice says, “I don’t like routine or schedules.  I love acting and working from home, and with SideCar I feel like I’m free!”  Daniel laughs, “It feels like a video game!”  Their favorite SideCar story involves a nav app called Waze, Candice’s first week driving, and Daniel’s voice.  “Vire à esquerda na Pine Street,” says the Waze voice-over.  “Daniel?  Is that you?!”  Little did she know, her husband’s voice was directing her around San Francisco through her Waze app.

“We prefer sharing money with other people instead of giving it to a corporation,” says Daniel.  If the Bittencourts are hanging on the beach in Thailand or backpacking around Europe, you can bet that they are staying with an Airbnb host.  If earth were an Airbnb host, I’m sure the Bittencourts would have a stellar review.

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