SideCar Story 001: The Missing Envelope

I had one of the biggest scares of my life last night in the Mission District, San Francisco. Someone asked me to bring cash to my roommate for a piece of furniture he had bought from him. They gave me an envelope of cash (A LOT) to carry home. Of course, I was nervous about carrying that much cash, and decided that if I was going to get robbed of my purse (as a woman walking home alone), then I should actually carry it on my person in my pocket. I may have been over-thinking the circumstances, but I decided this was best nonetheless.

I walked 3 dark blocks, in heels, to board MUNI. After multiple stops on MUNI, I checked my pocket and THE MONEY WAS GONE!

I about had a heart attack. I jumped of the MUNI at the top of Dolores Park at 10:00 at night. —next MUNI going back in the direction I had come from was not coming for 20 minutes. In my head, the money was gone forever. I thought to myself “What have I done?” My worst nightmare just happened. I started to walk quickly to retrace my steps, and got nervous walking alone through the park that late at night. I did not know how I could possibly retrace my steps fast enough in heels to see if I had dropped it.

Then I thought to myself “SideCar!”–and sent for a ride. My ride, Simo Z., arrived in 2 minutes. Frantically, I explained what had happened (poor guy). My driver drove me back to the location and instead of just dropping me off at the top of my long walking route he said “I will drive you anywhere.” Every white glimpse of trash I saw, I jumped out of the car, he waited, and I ran through traffic. First sight of trash, I yelled “that’s it!!” —it wasn’t it… it was just a crushed Starbucks cup. I jumped back in Simo’s car and we kept driving–he would stop, I would jump out, and run back disappointed. He kept giving me hope, and sure enough I saw one more piece of something white at the end of the sidewalk before a crossing. Right there in the middle of the mission, in the middle of the sidewalk, was MY ENVELOPE!!!

In the end, the local average tab was $6… I donated a lot more than that!

I still can’t believe I found it. I have Simo Z. and SideCar to thank! What a miracle….

~ Erin G., Noe Valley Resident

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One response to “SideCar Story 001: The Missing Envelope”

  1. Nicholas Crawford (@bullmeister) says :

    That’s a great story! Props to Simo!

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