SideCar Community Driver of the Week – Dev

Meet Dev . He’s a YouTube sensation, a Big Brother mentor, and the SideCar Community Driver of the Week. Well, he isn’t a sensation ON YouTube (yet), but he is a part of the YouTube team in San Bruno. Dev, on behalf of the SideCar Team, thank you for every second of amazing content on your website. If I had a dime for every cat I’ve seen on YouTube… Anyway, thanks.

In his spare time, Dev volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters, manages his fantasy football league, and cheers on his Washington sports teams. On Fall Saturdays, you’ll find this Fighting Irish alumnus sporting the gold & blue.

When Dev’s friend caught wind of his daily commute from San Francisco to San Bruno, she immediately recommended SideCar. Dev says, “Since I am making the commute every day anyway, why not turn on the app and see if someone needs a ride to or from the airport? Sometimes it times out perfectly. I help someone get home, and I get some extra dough.” When Dev is cruising around running errands, he turns on the app to see if anyone needs a ride along his route.

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