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Seattle: SideCar Love on NYE! #RideOnSEA


The SideCar welcome here in Seattle these last couple months has been so warm I feel like I’m wrapped up in a Pendleton all day, err’day! I mean it – we might be the new kids on the block but we’re growing like crazy! As I was writing the NYE event post I stopped and asked myself: “Alex, before this season of giving is through, what more can SideCar do for the beautiful people of Seattle who have so embraced their new role as rideshare revolutionaries?” (Yes, my thoughts really are that long.)

My answer? Give ‘em the chance to win enough ride credits to cover their gettin’ around on NYE!

Getting around the Town (Macklemore shout out!) on this annual night of champagne and confetti can be quite the drag, and there’s no way you’re gonna want to drive yourself, but now that we’re here the game has changed. Not only can you use your SideCar app to get a cool, affordable and safe ride on demand, but we want you to win free ride credits on NYE!

Here’s how YOU can win:

  • Follow @SideCarSEA on Twitter 
  • Use your app to request a ride with us as you head out and/or head home on NYE
  • Then, once you’re SideCar-ing around & gettin’ it, use the hashtag #RideOnSEA to tell us WHERE SideCar will take you in 2013!
  • I will pick the top 5 winning tweets (cool, funny, inspiring, interesting, green, etc. so make it good!) every hour from 6pm – 2am.
  • Winning tweets will get credits in their account on January 1st that match the donation they made for their ride. Sweeet!

**Note: Since SideCar rides are fueled by community and donations, the credits prize works like this… winners will get fresh, new credits dropped in their accounts on January 1st that match the donation given for the ride they were in when they tweeted. That means you’ll still need to close out (donate & rate your driver) at the end of your ride. From there we’ll handle the rest! Got questions? Tweet ’em at me – I’m listening.  And PS, this only works in Seattle folks!

Have fun, be safe & Ride On this New Year’s Eve!

Alex, your Seattle City Manager

Seattle SideCar Fam Suggests: NYE Edition

NYE Needle Bess

New Year’s Eve is just one weekend away y’all. Can you believe it?  To get ready, I asked the ultimate resource for finding crackin’ NYE parties – our Seattle SideCar fam! So here’s a list of where in the Auld Lang Syne our riders, drivers and pals are pointing you party people.

Don’t forget to use our app to get connected with one of the amazing Seattle drivers who are ready to help get you beautiful people around safely come Monday night.  Please don’t even think about driving yourself! SideCar newbies can use the promo code SIDECARFAMNYE for $10 in credit when you take your first Seattle ride!

Oh, wait… you want the chance to get extra credits when you ride with SideCar on NYE? I think I can handle that. Stay tuned cause tomorrow I’m going to tell you how you can!

Capitol Hill


Rich Kids Brand & the Kingdom Saturdays Crew bring you Kingdom NYE at the Social

If you haven’t been to the Social on Capitol Hill since it’s re-launch back in October, you are definitely late to the party. Good thing one of our riders Mikey and his crew from Rich Kids Brand are teaming up with the DJs of the Social’s weekly Kingdom Saturday to throw you the richest bash around. You can dance it up with the Rich Kids’ crew in the Theory Vodka Lounge ft. DJs Charma, Henski & host McClarron (what doesn’t this guy do?!). You could also step on back to the main room and boogie down with all too cool host Whiskey Pete and resident DJs Sean Majors, BGeezy, Dr. Fever & friends. There are still some tickets available, but selling out fast so hurry the heck up!

NYE Barboza1

A very #MINTED NYE at Barboza

I like to imagine a world where every SideCar adventure I took had a live DJ. But, since such a traveling dance party would real hard to coordinate, riding straight to Barboza is the next best thing especially this week! Resident supah-star DJ Swervewon is bringing you a MINTED Monday like no other in this ultra special NYE edition! Swerve is teaming up with DJ Jeff Hawk, host with the most B.B. and all your favorite songs (duh!) to help you dance your way riiiight in to 2013. Buy your tickets ahead for $10, cause they’re going up to $15 at the door. Need a booth for you & your crew? Reservations start at $50 while available. You can snag tickets at MOE Bar or online here.


Bring it Back to the HG Lodge this NYE

Did someone say free champagne? CHYEA. Resident Media did. It’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a NYE party! Remember the HG Lodge? Well the sign out front may read 95 Slide now, but for one night only the RME crew is taking over and turning it back into to HG Lodge so we can celebrate the past, present and future of dancing on the Hill. Heck we love RME’s #GOODSaturday party so much, we even gave them their own promo code. It’s a sign pointing your night in their direction! DJs Soul One and Pat Nasty will be on the decks til the break of 2013, plus a live performance by Brainstorm of Dyme Def. Cover is $20 for singles & $30 for couples, and err’body gets champagne to drink.



Industry Standard NYE at The Hideout

Did you know one of our drivers doubles as funky-fresh Seattle DJ? It’s true! Next time you ride with Ben in his flossy BMW, ask him all about it. He is doing a private event this NYE but he did suggest you check out his friends downtown, at The Hideout.  Their new Monday night party, Industry Standard, is kickin’ it off big with a very special New Years Eve edition. Join DJs Introcut and Phat Stevens for St. Germain cocktail specials, $2 Rainier bottles (classy stuff, eh?) and the sweetest vinyl sounds around. This could be the start of many Mondays to come, guys!


9 Mill NYE

Celebrate your survival at 9 Million in Unmarked Bills 

If you’re anything like me, you’re still tickled pink that the Mayans were wrong about the world ending. You’re also tickled pink that one of our riders, Alicia, works in the liquor industry and is full of party suggestions. This NYE, she suggests you get to 9 Mill over in Fremont and join them in celebration of: 1.) the survival of the end of the world according to the Mayans AND 2.) the survival of 2012. Yes, “The Mayans Were Wrong: WE SURVIVED”! The bartenderinos will be serving up $5 drink specials, plus a champagne toast at midnight. Oh and did I mention there is NO COVER?! Tack that on as a third cause for celebration.



New Year’s Eve 2013 at Tini Bigs & Hula Hula

Two bars, one cover, $10. Sold yet? What if I tell you this is another whiskey and bourbon themed suggestion from  our rider and Jack Daniel’s expert Alicia? If you’re in Belltown this NYE, cross Denny Way and head straight to the fine building on the corner that houses BOTH Tini Bigs and Hula Hula. They’ve got cocktail specials, karaoke, guest DJs and a view of the Space Needle – fireworks, helloooo! Karaoke starts at 8pm at Hula Hula, dancing starts at 9pm at Tini Bigs with an interior door between so you don’t have to pick between parties.


Fox & the Law at Rendezvous 

Maybe hip hop isn’t your thing. Maybe EDM isn’t your thing either. How about guitar riffs and drum kits?! See, I know. Spend your NYE with a shot of Jack Daniel’s and some live music from the dudes (and our awesome friends!) of Fox and the Law at Rendezvous. Cover is a cool $7, because over paying is so not rock’n’roll. (Psst… prep your ears with some FREE tuneage courtesy of Fox and the Law’s SoundCloud!)

Pioneer Square

Trinity NYE Image

Ring in 2013 at TRINITY

My girl Tina is a SideCar rider and much of the reason so many ride requests head to Pioneer Square for Trinity Thursday. You rule girl! But this ultra special Monday, she is recommends you join her while she gets her hostess on for one of the biggest NYE parties in the city at Trinity Nightclub. When I say biggest, I meeean it! I’m talkin’ about two levels, two dance floors and three rooms. The Trinity crew will be serving up champagne, party favors,  and a midnight balloon drop with KISS 106.1 FM‘s Tyler and DJ PHASE in the house broadcasting it all live. Buy your tickets ahead before they sell out!



Diego’s Alter-Ego NYE  at Lucid

I have never met a theme I didn’t like, so clearly a masquerade is right up my alley. (The opportunity to run in to our friend David while he is in character as his alter ego, Diego, is also of great interest!) Grab your masks and buy your tickets to the very special and all-inclusive NYE event at Lucid. Open bar, comfort food (Parmesan & gruyere with gnocchi? Jerk-coconut chicken sliders? My mouth is watering from this menu…) and music all for under $70? Pay one price, and leave the rest to host Diego… or David? Someone report back and let me know ;). Tickets on sale through Sunday, friends!

WHEW. That is quite the list! Big thanks to everyone who contributed. We wish you a happy & safe night!

P.S. Feel like I am missing something? Shoot me an e-mail. I’m all about including the stuff our community recommends!

Alex, your Seattle City Manager

Space Needle photo credits to ex-Seattle, current L.A. blogger & photographer Bess Byers

New Year’s Eve in SF: Driver Appreciation and a “Big” Surprise


Hello San Francisco SideCar Community!

2012 has been an amazing year:

  1. The Mayans were wrong
  2. SideCar was born
  3. You showed the world that with instant ridesharing we really can help each other get around in a way that’s more fun, efficient and safe.


To ring in 2013, plenty of drivers in our community have told us that they plan to get behind the wheel on New Year’s Eve so that you can hit the town safely without having to worry about driving.  ❤  To thank them, we decided to do them a huge favor:

For New Year’s Eve only – and in The San Francisco Bay Area Only – from 5pm-5am, as a way of saying thanks to those driving on NYE, we are going to suggest double the community average donation for each ride within the app.  This means that a ride with a typical community average of $10 will say $20 on Monday night.

Here’s why we’re doing this:

  1. SideCar community drivers are not employed by SideCar or put on shifts of any kind. Going online on NYE (or any night) is completely up to them.  Extra donations will help mobilize an army of designated drivers to help you get safely where you want to go on one of the busiest nights of the year for transportation.
  2. There are plenty of things to do on NYE besides drive…  why not sweeten the pot a little for drivers to keep them stoked on getting people around.
  3. Extra donations = extra appreciation for awesome drivers lending a hand on a crazy night like NYE.

Of course, with SideCar what you donate is always up to you, and the community average is just there to help you decide.  We just feel that on a night like New Year’s a little extra for drivers wouldn’t hurt.  We hope you’ll feel the same way.

As for the surprise… we’ll be rolling out something a little bigger in San Francisco just for New Year’s Eve that will help you and your friends get around in real style.  Follow us on Twitter @SideCarSF to find out what it is.


The SideCar San Francisco Team

#SideCarSanta Delivers Hundreds of Toys!


Last week we wrapped our First Annual #SideCarSanta Drive for Toys.  Thanks to our amazing rideshare community, we donated over 250 toys to kids in need this year in San Francisco and Seattle!

And, as promised, we are giving iPad Minis to the rider & driver in the #SideCarSanta photo with the most Instagram likes.  This year the winners are:  @monfineis and @eric_n_northbeach!  Here’s the winning photo:


To check out all the photos from this year’s Drive for Toys, click here.

Thanks again to all who participated and Happy Holidays!

The SideCar Team


SideCar Welcomes New Rules for a New Medium

Today marks a critical milestone for SideCar and for rideshare. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has approved a proposal to begin the process of reviewing and modifying existing transportation regulations to accommodate smartphone app companies like SideCar. We applaud the CPUC on their decision to move forward with the rulemaking process. This is a real win for rideshare because it demonstrates that policymakers are open to innovative technology solutions that make transportation safer, more efficient and better for our communities.

When we began SideCar in February 2012, we imagined a world with better transportation options. Thanks to you we’ve grown to be the largest instant rideshare community with more than 500 drivers facilitating over 100,000 rides. As the rideshare leader, we’ve been working closely with the CPUC to ensure that rules are in place to allow for the introduction of innovative smart technologies and transportation business models that are better for our communities.

Thanks to all of you who joined together with us in support of rideshare. Our voices have been heard and that’s cause for celebration!  But there’s still work to do. As we grow and expand nationally we may need to call on you again.  If you haven’t signed the petition yet, you can do so here.

We’re on a mission to revolutionize the way we get around.  As we roll instant rideshare into new markets next year, we’ll continue to establish and maintain a collaborative dialogue with local regulators. Rideshare and SideCar have come a long way in just a few months. This mission to reinvent transportation is a journey.  We’re excited to be on it together.

Ride On and Happy Holidays!

Sunil Paul

Destination and Choice Drive Rideshare


When we first revved up SideCar back in February 2012 we were determined to create a great experience for a whole community of drivers and riders while staying in line with the current transportation regulations.  We struggled with one decision in particular:  should we require the rider to include destination in his or her request, thus giving drivers a choice about whether to pick him or her up?  There were some solid arguments against it:

  • It adds an extra step to the ride request
  • It adds more information to the app design, perhaps cluttering the experience
  • Would it cause drivers to reject rides?

We thought long and hard about all these points and in the end we decided to include destination and choice, and we worked hard to do it right. Why? Quite simply, rideshare is not rideshare if the driver doesn’t know where he or she is going.  Without destination, an everyday driver cannot make an informed decision about whether it makes sense to share a ride. Without destination, drivers would be accepting requests blindly, not knowing whether they were going to the beach or across the Bay Bridge. Without driver choice, this sure didn’t sound like rideshare to us, and it felt like a disservice to drivers.  As anyone who’s ever taken a SideCar ride knows, drivers are incredibly important members of this community.

It hasn’t always been easy going this route.  We hear riders asking why destination is required and we know it can be frustrating to send a request when cars are available and not have it accepted.  The flip side is that we hear drivers tell us constantly that this freedom of choice is what encourages and empowers them to drive.  As a result, we’re seeing more and more drivers come online every day, and more and more riders are getting where they need to go.  The rideshare revolution is now truly taking off, and destination and choice have a whole lot to do with it.

WHAT UP CHRIS! Your New San Francisco City Manager

Pleeeeease allow me to introduce myself…

What’s the good word, SF? My name’s Chris and I’ve joined SideCar as City Manager to help spread the awesomeness that is community ridesharing to the good people of San Francisco.


I’m pleased as punch (tickled pink?) to be working alongside a team that’s going gangbusters on pitting cutting edge technology with the game-changing concept of collaborative consumption. And it’s all in the name of improving the way regular ol’ folks like you and me move around cities. Seriously, the SideCar Command Center is humming with activity ’round the clock.

Not gonna lie… we’re fired up! We are mobilizing people in a way that’s ­not only cheap and super convenient, but also social and fun. There’s a positive connectivity we’re bringing back into the community that darn near melts ma’ heart.

So who is this person going around town getting all misty-eyed about ridesharing you ask? Well, first and foremost, I am a community driver myself. I love to drive and I’m always down to lend a helping hand. In fact, I love driving so much so that earlier in the year I got in my car and drove across the country from my old home in DC to my new one here in SF. I saw some beautiful sights along the way and came close to rupturing my larynx belting out songs in my playlists at the top of my lungs. I also can’t sit still. I’m a thrill seeker, adventure junkie, travel nut and diehard sports fanatic. Lastly, I’m a man of the people. People rule.

As City Manager, I’ll be engaging with the lovely community of ridesharers in SF, looking to strengthen and spread the sense of community we all feel. We’re here for each other… that’s what makes this all work. I’m also happy to be closely aligned with the SideCar support team, who dedicate themselves to providing world-class support day in and day out. This gang absolutely ROCKS.

There we have it. Feel free to get in touch with me on Twitter (@SideCarSF) with your ideas and stories from the road.

Ride on!


Your SideCar San Francisco City Manager


HELLLLLLOOOOOO ALEX! Your New Seattle City Manager

Greetings and salutations darling Seattleites!

As you might have noticed from the recent tweet-splosion, SideCar Seattle finally found itself a little City Manager… ME! Aside from being stoked to be a part of the rapidly changing transportation scene in Seattle, I am super excited to get to know all of you. I am here to calm your ridesharing fears and grant your ridesharing wishes as we grow our SideCar family. Gush, gush, gush.


Before I tell you a bit about me, I want to take a minute to rap at you about collaborative consumption and the shared economy. Affectionately hashtagged #CollCons, collaborative consumption describes the rapidly growing peer-to-peer marketplace where lending, sharing, trading, renting and swapping reign supreme. More or less, peeps reinventing the way they live by coming together in their communities to share resources. There is a whole crew of us all around the world who believe by doing this we can all live more effective, sustainable lives. I like to think of it as the case for collaboration.

Okay, now… drumroll… here are 10 facts all about me!

  1. I am a big sustainability nerd. I have worked at the EPA and Zipcar, and volunteered for a number of other orgs focused on preserving Mama Nature. Shout out to the Duwamish River Watershed and People for Puget Sound!
  2. I was born in Rhode Island, and miss it there wiiiiicked bad. I am also a big Red Sox fan and even ended a date early once after discovering he was a Yankees fan. (Don’t worry, after we got on the subject of Jeter he was ready to go home too.)
  3. I saw The Dark Knight Rises in theaters 3 times, and have watched it an additional 4 times since it came to DVD. I own a Bane mask and like to casually wear it around while I practice speaking in my Bane voice.
  4. I love shoes. When it comes to high heels, I believe anything below 4 inches just isn’t tryin’.
  5. It is very likely I was born in the wrong time period. Jim Morrison is my spirit animal.
  6. Before making almost all decisions, I ask myself: WHAT WOULD BEYONCE DO?
  7. The quickest way to my heart is through a meme. Or, delicious food.
  8. I once ate two pints of Molly Moon’s ice cream. Maybe I didn’t feel so good, but it didn’t change my affections toward Molly or her ice cream.
  9. Yoga is my thing. It keeps me grounded and it keeps me open. The first time I went to hauteyoga queen anne it changed my life! I also gotta thank the studio for helping me discover “The Four Agreements”. Read it if you haven’t.
  10. I consider myself an expert on the rules governing monsters. Zombies are my specialty so if you plan on surviving the zombie apocalypse, I am your girl. I have got a plan.

What can I say? I’m a mixed bag. I look forward to being the number one resource for y’all as you explore the wonders of SideCar and sharing here in Seattle. We have SO many great things in store. If we haven’t met yet, I look forward to the day that we do. Don’t hesitate to holler if you ever see me out and about! Until next time…

Ride on!


Your SideCar Seattle City Manager


SideCar Community Driver of the Week – Nancy

Nancy has spent the last three decades adding color to the beautiful city of San Francisco. From Nob Hill to the Castro, she’s selected colors for homes and business with her consulting business . Through this business, Nancy and San Francisco know each other by heart. Needless to say, she is a huge fan of The City by The Bay — the design, the architecture, the character, the colors, and the people.

One day, Nancy’s friend Roberta told her about SideCar. For Nancy, her color consulting business wasn’t taking her around the city as much anymore, and she was looking for a way to reconnect with the city she loves.  She’s also been her own boss so she loved the freedom of being a community driver that sets her own hours. So, she decided to start sharing rides with SideCar.

Although ridesharing helped Nancy get back out into the city,  she also found it gave her something bigger. By sharing rides, she feels like she’s doing something good for her fellow San Franciscans.  And because she doesn’t have children, it also makes her feel good to know she’s helping many young people get around the city she loves.

Around 2:30 AM on Black Friday, Nancy helped a young retail professional get home after a very long, tiresome day. The young woman lived in the Avenues and couldn’t get a cab to take her home. Nancy was happy to help. By participating in this simple act of sharing, she felt like she was helping make San Francisco a better and safer place. 

Rideshare Rolls On… Your Voice is Being Heard

We are humbled by the amazing support we’ve received from people in San Francisco and beyond in support of ridesharing services like SideCar. Over 6,400 people have signed the petition to encourage the CPUC to support ridesharing and transportation innovation. We have come together in support of ridesharing and we’re pleased to report progress has been made on all sides. This morning the CPUC released an Order Instituting Rulemaking (OIR), a proposal to initiate a proceeding to modify the existing CPUC transportation regulations.

The CPUC staff stated in the OIR draft:

“Businesses like Sidecar and Lyft have presented the Commission with a situation not encountered before: the use of mobile communications and social networks to connect individuals wishing to offer and receive low cost and convenient, sometimes shared, transportation.”

Subject to final approval by the Commissioners, this proposal moves the focus toward a constructive dialogue with the Commission about how to apply CPUC regulations to these new business models and digital media.  You can find the full text of the OIR here.

A new medium needs new rules. New technology and innovation will always require regulators to review their policies. Your support has made a difference. With your help we’re now having a productive public policy conversation and we’re moving in the right direction.

We are just getting started. We may need your voice again so please stay tuned.

Ride On!

Sunil Paul

CEO | SideCar

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