Some Like It Hot -The SideCar Heat-Map!

SideCar Heatmap in action

Hey all,
It’s Jahan, for everyone here on the Product team.  I just wanted to make an announcement here about our newest feature, an intelligent demand heat-map for iPhone in San Francisco (Android coming soon).  We know our driver community has been asking for a way to understand where passengers are likely to be hanging out and needing rides.  We believe that our latest attempt goes a long way to allowing all of you to figure this out.  Here’s how it works:

Our servers are constantly collecting information about when and where people open the app, and when and where people historically order rides.  Additionally, we also know where all other available cars are, as well as where drivers that are on rides are headed (ahh destination :) ).

We take all of that data, put it through our top secret set of learning algorithms and filters (courtesy of Rob, our resident mathematical genius), and generate a personalized recommendation for where you should head to be closest to passengers that need rides.  So when you’re out using the map, just remember that everyone sees something different depending on where they are.

Please everyone, give it a try this weekend, and give us feedback, we’re excited to see how it works for all of you.

Ride On,
Co-Founder, CTO @sidecar

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