DC Loves Rideshare and SideCar Loves DC!


DC meets SideCar tonight and we predict a perfect match. Beginning this weekend, SideCar is available every Friday and Saturday night from 5pm until 3am. SideCar is a fast, affordable and safe way to get around the Capitol, meet new people and help keep more cars off the road.

Did you know the Washington DC area’s love affair with rideshare dates back about 35 years? Each day, an estimated 10,000 commuters line up at pre-arranged locations where everyday drivers pick them up for a shared ride to or from work. This community driven instant carpool is called “slugging” and it reduces the amount of cars on the road and helps people save time and money.

DC loves rideshare. In fact, 93% of residents polled said DC would benefit from a new rideshare program.

SideCar is a smartphone app that matches everyday drivers in their own car with people nearby who need a ride. We’re like matchmakers for the perfect ride – right when you want it, good for the economy, good for your wallet, good for the environment and fun!

Haven’t tried SideCar? Download the app and use the promo code: FRIENDS for $10 off your first ride. Drivers love SideCar because it’s a great way to explore their own city, meet interesting people and earn some extra cash. Want to give rides? Sign up at www.side.cr/drive.

SideCar is also in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston and Brooklyn, NY. We’re on a journey to take rideshare, and all the benefits it brings, everywhere. Jump in DC – let’s take this ride together!

Ride On!

The SideCar Team

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4 responses to “DC Loves Rideshare and SideCar Loves DC!”

  1. kathy says :

    will it only be available on weekends in DC?

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