Which is the Hottest Hood in SF? You Decide… With Rides


The “best” neighborhood for nightlife in San Francisco is a long-debated topic. Where one hood may reign in awesome dive spots, another may rule in delicious cuisine, while a third may be rocking the cheapest drink specials in town. Still another may win for the evening if your desire is simply to dance the night away.

Well, this weekend is the time to choose your favorite hood once and for all! We’ll be pitting four of SF’s liveliest neighborhoods against each other in a race to see which has the most going on, and the winning neighborhood will receive free SideCar rides home for everyone out in that hood!

The Rules:

  • The Hoods: Polk Street, SOMA, the Mission, and the Marina
  • This Friday and Saturday, we’ll track each neighborhood to see which had the most SideCar drop offs. The more rides you take (and encourage friends to take) to your hood of choice, the more likely your ride home will be free!
  • At midnight each night, we’ll tally up the numbers and announce which neighborhood received the most inbound rides for the day
  • From midnight to 4am, SideCar Riders will be able to take a free SideCar ride home from the winning neighborhood!
  • Friday and Saturday will run as separate contests, so prepare for revenge on day two!

Riders will be notified via the app when the winning neighborhood is announced, but you can also follow along on Twitter (@SideCarSF) to keep track of which neighborhood is in the lead.

Even if your neighborhood doesn’t win, don’t worry! We’ll be running this contest again with other legendary SF neighborhoods and perhaps even in our other cities. (And feel free to let us know on Twitter or Facebook which ones you’d like us to include next time!)


Legal Mumbo Jumbo: The winning neighborhood will be the one with the most inbound SideCar rides completed between the hours of 12:01am and 11:59pm on Friday, 4/19/13 or Saturday, 4/20/13. The neighborhoods competing include Polk Street, SOMA, the Mission, and the Marina districts in the city of San Francisco as defined by their respective zip codes. (In Pollk Street, that will include the Polk strip through Russian Hill, Nob Hill, and some of the Tenderloin.) The winning neighborhood during that time period will be announced at 12:00am, and SideCar riders in the area will qualify for one free SideCar ride home from the winning neighborhood (up to $15 value). Pickup pin must be placed within the winning neighborhood to claim offer. This offer is good for four hours and will expire at 4:00am the morning on Saturday for Friday’s competition, and on Sunday for Saturday’s competition. 

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