I <3 NY: #defendsharing

The Sharing Economy is part of a huge cultural shift. Millions of people around the world are using their smartphones and their computers to swap ownership for access. Cars, homes and bicycles are being shared instead of owned. Airbnb is a pioneer of this movement and its biggest success story to date. We are very disappointed by a judge’s ruling today implying Airbnb is illegal because it violates the city’s “hotel law.”

Sharing resources is not a crime. This decision is anti-competitive, anti-innovation and bad for New York.

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It has become clear that New York City regulators are protecting their own interests rather than those of the public. In the last 30 days Sidecar, as well as car-sharing service RelayRides, have received enforcement action forcing us to suspend service in New York City. Three Sharing Economy companies cited in ONE month – not because of public complaints, but because they have the potential to disrupt the hotel, taxi and insurance industries.

The people of New York City are missing out on the opportunity for three great innovations that make the state and the city more sustainable, more affordable and more connected.

We stand by Airbnb. We stand up for sharing in New York City. Stand with us.

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