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Which is the Hottest Hood in SF? You Decide… With Rides


The “best” neighborhood for nightlife in San Francisco is a long-debated topic. Where one hood may reign in awesome dive spots, another may rule in delicious cuisine, while a third may be rocking the cheapest drink specials in town. Still another may win for the evening if your desire is simply to dance the night away.

Well, this weekend is the time to choose your favorite hood once and for all! We’ll be pitting four of SF’s liveliest neighborhoods against each other in a race to see which has the most going on, and the winning neighborhood will receive free SideCar rides home for everyone out in that hood!

The Rules:

  • The Hoods: Polk Street, SOMA, the Mission, and the Marina
  • This Friday and Saturday, we’ll track each neighborhood to see which had the most SideCar drop offs. The more rides you take (and encourage friends to take) to your hood of choice, the more likely your ride home will be free!
  • At midnight each night, we’ll tally up the numbers and announce which neighborhood received the most inbound rides for the day
  • From midnight to 4am, SideCar Riders will be able to take a free SideCar ride home from the winning neighborhood!
  • Friday and Saturday will run as separate contests, so prepare for revenge on day two!

Riders will be notified via the app when the winning neighborhood is announced, but you can also follow along on Twitter (@SideCarSF) to keep track of which neighborhood is in the lead.

Even if your neighborhood doesn’t win, don’t worry! We’ll be running this contest again with other legendary SF neighborhoods and perhaps even in our other cities. (And feel free to let us know on Twitter or Facebook which ones you’d like us to include next time!)


Legal Mumbo Jumbo: The winning neighborhood will be the one with the most inbound SideCar rides completed between the hours of 12:01am and 11:59pm on Friday, 4/19/13 or Saturday, 4/20/13. The neighborhoods competing include Polk Street, SOMA, the Mission, and the Marina districts in the city of San Francisco as defined by their respective zip codes. (In Pollk Street, that will include the Polk strip through Russian Hill, Nob Hill, and some of the Tenderloin.) The winning neighborhood during that time period will be announced at 12:00am, and SideCar riders in the area will qualify for one free SideCar ride home from the winning neighborhood (up to $15 value). Pickup pin must be placed within the winning neighborhood to claim offer. This offer is good for four hours and will expire at 4:00am the morning on Saturday for Friday’s competition, and on Sunday for Saturday’s competition. 

LA, Philadelphia and Austin, Say Hello to Your New Ride!

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 5.46.11 PM

Getting around Austin, Philadelphia and Los Angeles is getting sweeter this weekend. Beginning at 5pm Friday, SideCar will be available in these cities every weekend until 3am. You can catch a SideCar ride in West LA, Santa Monica, Venice and Culver City for now and we’ll expand to the rest of LA soon. Downtown Austin and Philadelphia, we’ve got you covered. Chicago, New York, Boston and Washington DC, you’re next!

Tell your friends to download the app and use the promo code “FRIENDS” for $10 off their first ride.

Want to give rides? Sign up at

SideCar is a smartphone app that matches regular drivers in their own car with people nearby who need a ride. Think of us as matchmakers for the perfect ride – right when you want it, good for the economy, good for your wallet, good for the environment and fun! We’re committed to empowering YOU to help solve the transportation problems that plague our cities. SideCar is taking true rideshare, and all the benefits it brings, nationwide.

Ride on!

The SideCar Team

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SideCar Matches 100,000 Rides!

We just celebrated our 100,000th ride! As we pave the road for rideshare’s future, we thought it would be fun to take a look at rideshare’s past.

Infographic Small

Please feel free to share this infographic.

Ride on!

– The SideCar Team

We’re On YouTube!


Introducing the SideCar YouTube Channel.  Enjoy!

A preview of what’s in store:

SideCar Community Driver of the Week – Nancy

Nancy has spent the last three decades adding color to the beautiful city of San Francisco. From Nob Hill to the Castro, she’s selected colors for homes and business with her consulting business . Through this business, Nancy and San Francisco know each other by heart. Needless to say, she is a huge fan of The City by The Bay — the design, the architecture, the character, the colors, and the people.

One day, Nancy’s friend Roberta told her about SideCar. For Nancy, her color consulting business wasn’t taking her around the city as much anymore, and she was looking for a way to reconnect with the city she loves.  She’s also been her own boss so she loved the freedom of being a community driver that sets her own hours. So, she decided to start sharing rides with SideCar.

Although ridesharing helped Nancy get back out into the city,  she also found it gave her something bigger. By sharing rides, she feels like she’s doing something good for her fellow San Franciscans.  And because she doesn’t have children, it also makes her feel good to know she’s helping many young people get around the city she loves.

Around 2:30 AM on Black Friday, Nancy helped a young retail professional get home after a very long, tiresome day. The young woman lived in the Avenues and couldn’t get a cab to take her home. Nancy was happy to help. By participating in this simple act of sharing, she felt like she was helping make San Francisco a better and safer place. 

Join Our First Annual #SideCarSanta Drive for Toys!


The holiday spirit is in full effect at SideCar, and we’d like you to help us give back to the community through our first annual Drive for Toys. How many toys are we giving away?  Well, that’s entirely up to you!

How it works: Don a Santa’s cap*, snap a photo with your SideCar driver/rider, post it to Instagram tagging #SideCarSanta, and we’ll donate a toy for every tagged photo to a child in need. Share your photos to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr too because the driver/rider combo in the photo with the most Instagram likes will each get a shiny new iPad Mini!

*Holiday flair is optional but definitely encouraged.

The SideCar Drive for Toys kicks off today and ends at 11:59pm December 20. The iPad Mini winners will be announced December 24 here on our blog. Come take a ride with us, have fun and make this holiday season extra special for kids!

For more information on  how we’re donating, or to donate directly, visit:

San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program
Seattle Treehouse For Kids

Happy Holidays,
The SideCar Team


*(update 12.12):  The tree is getting awfully crowded at SideCar HQ!


SideCar Community Driver of the Week – Camille

If you are a foodie, Camille is your new best friend. She knows all of the hot spots around town, whether you’re chasing Seattle’s best cupcake, exploring Seattle’s Vietnamese scene, or craving Indian food and a proper cocktail.

She is married with a son, and on those overcast Seattle days, she enjoys hanging out with the boys at home. When she leaves the house, you can find her owning the dance floor in Capitol Hill’s Century Ballroom or enjoying the crisp Seattle air while doing some sort of outdoorsy activity.

Here are a few of Camille’s spots that we’ve THOROUGHLY researched first hand:

Greenleaf, International District/Belltown (Vietnamese)
Walrus and Carpenter, Ballard (seafood, oysters, cocktails)
Tamarind Tree, International District (Vietnamese)
Tilth, Wallingford (organic NW fresh)
Altura, Capital Hill (amazing Italian)
Revel, Fremont (Korean fusion)
Sitka and Spruce, Capital Hill (NW fresh that day)
Matt’s in the Market, Pike Market (NW fresh)
Monsoon, Capital Hill (vietnamese)
Restaurant Zoe, Capital Hill (new italian)
Lecosho, downtown (meat focused)
Delancey/Essex Bar, Ballard, (wood-fired pizza)
Portage, Queen Anne (NW french-lite)
Shiro’s Sushi, Belltown
Trophy cupcakes (don’t bother with any other cupcake place, this is the one, moist and flavorful)
El Gaucho, Belltown (Swanky steak + seafood)
Salumi, Pioneer Square (Mario Batali’s dad’s deli-get a sammie here, try to come b4 lunch rush)
Pink Door, Pike Market (italian-American)
Wild Ginger/Triple Door is the lounge below-same food, downtown (pan-Asian)
The Harvest Vine, Madison Valley, (Tapas)
Crush, Central Dist near Capital Hill (inventive seasonal NW)
Poppy, Capital Hill (South Asian flavors done in an innovative way)

I should note that Camille is Seattle’s very first community driver of the week, ever… Congrats Camille, and thank you for being a part of the SideCar community!

Hey Seattle, Say Hello to Your New Ride

Get the app


So, What the Heck is SideCar?

SideCar is a ridesharing app that instantly connects drivers and passengers. Whether you’re ready to fill your car’s empty seats with new friends or need to get across town in a hurry, SideCar connects you with just the person to help you out. Or, if you prefer the video explanation:

Hankering for More Info?

Check out our FAQs
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Happy riding,

*Hours of operation will expand as the community grows.  Follow us if you like updates.

SideCar Community Driver of the Week – Howard

Howard is a family man. He is married with two sons, all of whom live in San Francisco.

And back in the day, “I worked in rock ‘n’ roll for years,” Howard said. “I helped produce live shows all over San Francisco, and I travelled with Bon Jovi as a cameraman for a little bit.”

Currently, he and his wife, Sharon, own and operate, which helps educate parents about non-reactive ways to correct child behavior. Sharon is a professional parenting educator and author, and Howard runs the website. Their two sons work in tech – one at Ustream and the other at TrialPay.

“I use SideCar to step away from my work and cruise around the city talking to people. When you work from home, it’s nice to get out once in awhile. I’ve had some really good conversations with passengers. Every passenger is awesome.”

I asked Howard if he’d had any interesting experiences with passengers, and this is one of several amazing stories.

Recently, a young woman pinged Howard for a ride. He picks her up, the normal conversation ensues, and after a few seconds they discover that they’re both from Philadelphia. And it just so happens that the passenger’s mother graduated from the same highschool as Howard.

“I have to call her!” says the passenger. She gets her mother on the phone, and though they didn’t know each other directly, they shared a handful of friends.

“I couldn’t believe I was reconnecting with someone 3,000 miles away, just because I happened to give her daughter a ride,” said Howard.

At the end of the nostalgic banter, the mother says, “So… How do you know my daughter??” They both laugh and the passenger says, “Don’t worry Mom, I’ll explain SideCar later.”

SideCar Community Driver of the Week – Eddy

Meet our good friend; his name is Eddy.  He was born and raised in San Francisco, lived in Vancouver for a stint, and he currently resides in Glen Park.  Eddy has been driving with SideCar since August, and he’s been quite popular within the driving community ever since.

When he isn’t cruising around town in his Acura, Eddy co-manages a dog grooming business in West Portal named The Dog Spa.  “We are big dog lovers,” he says.  Though he cares for all types of dogs, Eddy owns a miniature Schnauzer and a Pomeranian.

In his spare time he enjoys online gaming, fishing, tennis and travelling. As a matter of fact, he’s heading to Cancun next week to soak up a little sunshine on the beach.

“I’ve discovered tons of good restaurants from passengers,” says Eddy.  “All passengers are unique.  You get to hear some really good stories.”

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