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Brand Spanking New! Customize your SideCar with Choose & Block Features!

We’ve always thought that crowdsourced transportation would be a lot more fun if you could personalize it.  Make it your own.  Sure, the pleasant surprise of an awesome new driver or passenger is never going to get old, but what if you want to show your favorite drivers how much you appreciate them by choosing them specifically for your next ride?  On the flip side, what if you got a ride from someone who’s cool, but you just didn’t jibe with… maybe you weren’t into their music, or you didn’t care for their car?

With today’s awesome app update we’re making it easier to personalize your SideCar experience.

Here’s how the new features work:


With today’s app update, you can now select specific drivers on the map when you request a ride!  Simply input your pickup and dropoff locations, then tap the cars on the map to see pics, names, star ratings, vehicle types and seating capacity.  Choose a specific driver and they will be sent your request directly.  It’s a great way to select old favorites or meet new people.  Of course you can always still choose “Closest Driver” if you’re in a hurry or are in the mood for surprise.


After a ride’s completed, if you prefer not to ride with that driver anymore, simply rate them 4 stars or fewer, and a box will pop up asking if you’d like to “Block” them.  Select OK and they’ll stop getting your ride requests.  Blocking is completely discreet (drivers will never know who has blocked them) and reversible at any time through the menu.  A graceful and polite way of customizing your own driver community!

Just remember, drivers are all volunteers and they don’t ever have to accept a ride.  So just because you chose them might not mean they’ll accept your request.  Also, drivers can block passengers just like passengers can block them.  So be cool to your drivers at every turn… no one wants to get blocked!

SideCar Launches With 10,000th Ride!

15 years ago I stood outside of Mission Rock and waited for a ride home.  Cars around me headed off in my direction, but I had to wait.  It dawned on me:  why can’t I grab a ride home with one of these people?

Well now, thanks to SideCar, I can.

Over the past four months we’ve been working hard to finally bring transportation into the 21st century.  To truly revolutionize the way we think about getting around by connecting drivers with riders in realtime.  It’s been exhilarating, challenging and incredibly rewarding.  SideCar works.  It is gaining incredible traction – more than we ever anticipated – and people just downright love it.  Both drivers and passengers alike.

The dream of bringing people together effortlessly for instant ridesharing has become a reality.  We’re learning it’s okay to share our cars.  We’re getting around more efficiently.  We’re getting to know each other better. Who would have thought that these mobile phones that we stare at all day to could start to really pull us together, to generate real community around something so fundamental as transportation?

This week we celebrate the 10,000th ride given in the SideCar community.  That’s quite a feat in less than 4 months.  The community is growing fast. We are ready to transform transportation.  Glad you’re along for the ride.  It’s going to be a great one.

-Sunil Paul, CEO

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