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So Long SXSW! Austin, We’re Sticking Around

Thanks to all who came out in support of SideCar at SXSW. What a wild ride it was! It started with us filing a lawsuit against the City of Austin to bring the benefits of rideshare here. We made a last minute decision to make all rides free rather than risk law enforcement actions that would derail our plans to help you get around the festival.

Word spread FAST in social media and on the street. We had a thousand ride requests within hours of rolling out Friday morning and 20,000 + requests by the end of Interactive Wednesday. We loved your Twitter shout outs for #SXSideCar and @SideCarATX and were super psyched to hear from many of you that SideCar saved you at SXSW. We’re glad we could help you get to and from the most awesome parties and events and meet great people along the way (like me shown here with Mayor Cory Booker and my dad, Dean).

Cory Booker

This was SideCar’s first SXSW and it was amazing! This wasn’t just a drive through town for us – we’re sticking around. We’ve recently had productive conversations with city officials about the benefits of rideshare and we’re feeling good about a positive outcome in Austin.

SideCar returns this weekend in Austin and will be available Friday and Saturday nights from 5pm – 3am.

Thank you SXSW and Ride On Austin!

Justin Schmidt, Austin City Manager


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