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Suggested Donations Are Here

suggdonationWe’re always looking for ways to improve the SideCar experience for our community of riders and drivers. With today’s latest update (v1.544) you’ll see that we’ve modified our donations model from the floating “community average” to the more stable “suggested donation.”

We’re doing this in response to SideCar riders telling us that they’d like to donate more to great drivers without driving up the community average donation for all.  So as of today, the donations displayed will no longer be the true floating average, as it has been.  Instead, they will be stable and reasonable for both riders and drivers.  If you’ve had a great ride, moving forward you should feel free to donate as much as you want to your awesome driver.  They’ll certainly appreciate it!

With over 100,000 rides under our belt, we know the average donation for rides all over San Francisco and Seattle. We’ll put this information to good use by generating a suggested donation based on the average for your ride. As always, donations are completely voluntary with SideCar.

SideCar Gets a Fresh Paint Job

We’re proud to announce that our latest update (released last night) includes a brand new look and feel.  Take it for a spin today and let us know what you think!

In addition to the fresh paint, the new update also includes:

  • Performance, stability and battery improvements
  • Auto-donate that kicks in 24 hours after a ride
  • Streamlined promo code flow
  • Apply to be a driver right from the app

Huge props to our design and dev teams for continuing to make the SideCar experience as beautiful as possible.  And even bigger props to all the drivers and riders that make up the SideCar community.  The real beauty happens out there, with you.

New Feature: Auto-Donate is Here!

We’re very excited to announce a new feature that both drivers and riders alike have been requesting for quite a while:  auto-donate.

It works like this:

  • Grab a ride, just like normal
  • Once your ride has started, you’ll have the option to make a donation to your driver.  You can still donate any amount.
  • If you don’t make a specific donation (including $0) within 24 hours of your ride, SideCar will automatically process a donation in the amount of the community average for your ride.
  • Your ride just got even more hassle-free, and your driver just got happier.  Win-win.

Thanks for your continuing feedback on this and other features!  It’s the community’s input that keeps making SideCar better and better.

New Safety Feature: Anonymous Phone Numbers

Some of you may have noticed recently that any calls you received from SideCar drivers or riders have been coming from a single number.  We’ve been working on a brand new feature to enhance safety and privacy within the SideCar community:  phone number anonymization.

After a week of testing, we’re thrilled to announce that our anonymous number feature is fully baked and rolled out.

What this means:

  • Any calls between drivers and riders within the SideCar community are routed through a centralized phone number.
  • Neither rider nor driver phone numbers are ever revealed to one another.
  • Calls made to the SideCar number outside of booked trips are automatically routed to SideCar support, who are eager and ready to assist.
  • Our new system also provides anonymous SMS between riders and drivers during the life of a trip.

We think this is an awesome way to preserve privacy and enhance safety while keeping the SideCar community moving.

Let us know what you think!

Ride on,

The SideCar Team

SideCar is Awesome on iOS 6

We are proud to announce that SideCar 1.48 is compatible with, and uses the full capabilities of, Apple’s iOS 6.  The transportation innovations in iOS 6 are a perfect fit with the SideCar app.  Here’s how:

  • When a user who has SideCar installed gets directions through iOS 6, they are automatically served up the option to use SideCar as a rideshare option to get from here to there.
  • If SideCar is not installed, iOS 6 gives them an option to download the app right from the mapping app.
  • Passbook integration:  when a rider has a driver on the way, the trip information is in the Passbook and is easily available at the touch of a button.

SideCar 1.48 will be available as soon as iOS 6 is released to the public for download.  While SideCar is only available in the Bay Area for now, it will be coming to the rest of the country – and the world – soon.

SideCar is committed to innovation, convenience and ease-of-use.  As such, we thrilled to be the first on-demand rideshare application to fully integrate with iOS 6 and Apple Maps.

Brand Spanking New! Customize your SideCar with Choose & Block Features!

We’ve always thought that crowdsourced transportation would be a lot more fun if you could personalize it.  Make it your own.  Sure, the pleasant surprise of an awesome new driver or passenger is never going to get old, but what if you want to show your favorite drivers how much you appreciate them by choosing them specifically for your next ride?  On the flip side, what if you got a ride from someone who’s cool, but you just didn’t jibe with… maybe you weren’t into their music, or you didn’t care for their car?

With today’s awesome app update we’re making it easier to personalize your SideCar experience.

Here’s how the new features work:


With today’s app update, you can now select specific drivers on the map when you request a ride!  Simply input your pickup and dropoff locations, then tap the cars on the map to see pics, names, star ratings, vehicle types and seating capacity.  Choose a specific driver and they will be sent your request directly.  It’s a great way to select old favorites or meet new people.  Of course you can always still choose “Closest Driver” if you’re in a hurry or are in the mood for surprise.


After a ride’s completed, if you prefer not to ride with that driver anymore, simply rate them 4 stars or fewer, and a box will pop up asking if you’d like to “Block” them.  Select OK and they’ll stop getting your ride requests.  Blocking is completely discreet (drivers will never know who has blocked them) and reversible at any time through the menu.  A graceful and polite way of customizing your own driver community!

Just remember, drivers are all volunteers and they don’t ever have to accept a ride.  So just because you chose them might not mean they’ll accept your request.  Also, drivers can block passengers just like passengers can block them.  So be cool to your drivers at every turn… no one wants to get blocked!

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