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We’re On YouTube!


Introducing the SideCar YouTube Channel.  Enjoy!

A preview of what’s in store:

Meet KP, Seattle’s Very First (and Unexpected) SideCar Rider

It was a rainy Wednesday night in Seattle.  We – Jeff, Jay and I (Blake) – were in the kitchen of an awesome Airbnb rental in the Wallingford area, hanging out with some of Seattle’s first drivers.  We were showing them how the app works, answering their questions, drinking flavored fizzy water and having a good time.  We were also talking about the plan for the weekend.  In order to encourage drivers and riders to find each other online at the same time, we start in a new market with limited hours.  So in Seattle we’re launching Fridays and Saturdays only, 6pm-2am, just to start.

This was a Wednesday night.  And no one knew we were launching in two days.

A few minutes into our driver app demo, my phone started beeping and vibrating.  A ride request was coming.  From Seattle, 11 minutes from our house.  From someone I’d never heard of.  I immediately hit accept.  I needed to find out who this person was.

After a quick phone call, I grabbed my keys and headed over to pick up Kanwar Singh, otherwise known as KP.

KP, who recently graduated from the University of Kansas with degrees in Biology, Chemistry and Global studies, was visiting his sister, Madhu in the Greenwood area, and needed a ride downtown to visit a friend.  His sister, a local attorney who works primarily with startups and entrepreneurs (@MKSINGHLAW), had heard about us and mentioned us to KP.  So he did a quick search, downloaded the app, signed up and went online.  “One car nearby,” appeared on his screen.  Perfect timing.  We had only been online for 10 minutes, and would have logged off in another 5.  He input is pickup and destination, hit request, and next thing he knew he was in my car.

Once he found out how lucky the timing was he was blown away.  As we headed downtown, he told me about the DJ company that he and a friend started, DK Productions (@DKPRODSKC), and his desire to move to Seattle soon.  He was also stoked about getting a ride from a real SideCar employee when it wasn’t even available to the public.

He swung by the next day to get one of the very first SideCar Seattle t-shirts.

Thanks, KP for being our first SideCar Seattle rider!  It was a privilege to give you a ride and I hope you move out here soon!


SideCar Story 001: The Missing Envelope

I had one of the biggest scares of my life last night in the Mission District, San Francisco. Someone asked me to bring cash to my roommate for a piece of furniture he had bought from him. They gave me an envelope of cash (A LOT) to carry home. Of course, I was nervous about carrying that much cash, and decided that if I was going to get robbed of my purse (as a woman walking home alone), then I should actually carry it on my person in my pocket. I may have been over-thinking the circumstances, but I decided this was best nonetheless.

I walked 3 dark blocks, in heels, to board MUNI. After multiple stops on MUNI, I checked my pocket and THE MONEY WAS GONE!

I about had a heart attack. I jumped of the MUNI at the top of Dolores Park at 10:00 at night. —next MUNI going back in the direction I had come from was not coming for 20 minutes. In my head, the money was gone forever. I thought to myself “What have I done?” My worst nightmare just happened. I started to walk quickly to retrace my steps, and got nervous walking alone through the park that late at night. I did not know how I could possibly retrace my steps fast enough in heels to see if I had dropped it.

Then I thought to myself “SideCar!”–and sent for a ride. My ride, Simo Z., arrived in 2 minutes. Frantically, I explained what had happened (poor guy). My driver drove me back to the location and instead of just dropping me off at the top of my long walking route he said “I will drive you anywhere.” Every white glimpse of trash I saw, I jumped out of the car, he waited, and I ran through traffic. First sight of trash, I yelled “that’s it!!” —it wasn’t it… it was just a crushed Starbucks cup. I jumped back in Simo’s car and we kept driving–he would stop, I would jump out, and run back disappointed. He kept giving me hope, and sure enough I saw one more piece of something white at the end of the sidewalk before a crossing. Right there in the middle of the mission, in the middle of the sidewalk, was MY ENVELOPE!!!

In the end, the local average tab was $6… I donated a lot more than that!

I still can’t believe I found it. I have Simo Z. and SideCar to thank! What a miracle….

~ Erin G., Noe Valley Resident

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Introducing SideCar Stories

Drivers and riders have shared A LOT of rides in the SideCar community.  Thousands upon thousands.  That’s a lot of human connections, a lot of personal interactions, and of course, more than a handful of great stories.  This new section of our blog is dedicated to showcasing those stories.  Whether it’s new friendships arising from a ride across town or someone in need getting a helping hand, SideCar Stories opens the hood on the real magic of SideCar…  a renewed sense of connection with our community as we move from place to place.

SideCar helps people get around better. What happens along the way, though, is produced by the awesome people in SideCar Community.  This space is a tribute to those happenings.

If you have any amazing, interesting or just plain fun SideCar Stories you’d like to share, send them to us at  We love hearing them and we’re always thrilled to share them with the world.

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